BSPECT > Bonus Points

1. Users will get bonus points when paying for the cash deposit:


a. When paying the cash deposit for the first time on BSPECT, users will receive 1% of the payment as the bonus points. E.g. if someone pays US $1000 as cash deposit, BSPECT will give him/her 10 points.


b. When users add to the original amount without calling for a cash deposit return, they will get 1% of the additional amount as bonus points.


c. Once users apply for the return of the cash deposit, you can only get 1% of the excess part when the new amout is higher than the previous one. Otherwise, you won’t get any bonus points.


d. The points are given to the company, not the individual.


e. BSPECT reserves the rights to change the rules anytime and anywhere.


2. When trading via BSPECT, you can use the points to deduct money, 10 points = US $1. The maximum deductible amount of cash by member points is 50% of each order.


3. The points can be accumulated with a validity of one year—from the time you first get it to the end of next year, overtime will be invalid.


4. The points cannot be exchanged for cash. But both sides of the business can give them as a present to each other. BSPECT will also present points to users sometimes.

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