BSPECT > Penalty Points

BSPECT will deduct penalty point to users’ irregularities. Irregularities mean activities which break the operation of BSPECT or the law of People’s Republic of China.



A. If sellers sell fake or pirate products, Bspect will remove the products off selves and deduct 12 points.


B. Wash Sale means users get false market data, store rating, credit points by making up or hide transactions, avoiding or despitefully using rules and disturbing or impair credit record, so as to get undue advantages.



* For the first or the second time of Wash Sale, BSPECT will take measures to correct the irregularities of users, including deleting the false information about market data, store rating, store points and evaluations, deducting 12 points.

* For the third time or more, users will be deducted 24 points each time.


C. Intellectual property torts  

Users of BSPECT are not allowed to infringe the Intellectual property of others via our platform, including but not limited to the following items:

a. Using the trademark right and copyright improperly when releasing information or provide information to BSPECT.

b. Using the trademark right, patent right, and copyright improperly when selling products.

c. The information, you release or use, makes other users confused or misunderstand.

d. Releasing or selling products without authorization.



When the complaint is established for the first time, the respondent will be deducted 8 points.

For the second time with the same reason, is repetitive infringement, deduction 12 points each time. But if the time interval between the two complaints is smaller than 5 days (including 5 days), there will be no penalty points.

Time for complaint is subject to the acceptance of BSPECT (similarly hereinafter).



D. releasing information excessively, means users release information without following the rules of BSPECT, which is harmful to the advantages of the buyers, including but not limited to the following items:

a. Advertising information

b. The information does not match with the actual.

c. The information is repetitive

d. The elements of the products are not consistent.

e. The fluctuation between the bid price and transaction price is more than 30%.



*If users who do any of the things above, BSPECT will take measures like warning, removing the products, deleting the store, closing the store, deducting points to deal with the irregularities according to the severe degree.


BSPECT takes detail treatment to solve the irregularities as following:

A. If the deduction point adds up to 12, BSPECT will shield the complained store, restrict the release of products and warn the store for 7 days publicly.

B. If the deduction point adds up to 24, BSPECT will shield the complained store, restrict the release of products and warn the store for 14 days publicly.

C. If the deduction point adds up to 36, BSPECT will close the complained store and warn 21 days publicly.

D. If the deduction point adds up to 48,BSPECT will close down the account of the complained store.


Only when all the irregularities are corrected, all the penalties are carried out and finished, will they complained account return to normal condition.


The penalty points will be empty at 24:00 of each December 31 annually. But stores which were punished for 24points or more because of selling fake products will not enjoy the empty option. Only if the penalty point is less than 24 in the next year will the penalty points be empty at 24:00 of that December. If the penalty points add up to 48 or more, the account will be closed down.

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